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Holiday ends 13 October 2021
Last term: 14 Oct – tba

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2022 Enrollments open 15 Oct

School Fees

We have 6 fee options to choose from

Our Academy offers:
  • Small group / classroom
  • In-centre one-to-one tutoring service
  • Home based tutoring service (private tutor placement)
  • Specialist tutoring

We can help children with:

  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Speech delays (apraxia)
  • AAC or alternative communication implementation
  • Attention deficit and focus difficulties
  • Social communication difficulties
  • Feeding and Oral Motor delays
  • Imitation and participation challenges

Upcoming courses:

Teaching children with autism (15 hours)

Course ideally suited for: au-pairs working with children with autism, parents starting their homeschool journey with their pre-school autistic child and/or pre-school teachers that have children on the spectrum in their ECD centers