Autism Academy

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Speech Specialist Development Delay Academy

Enroll in our Speech Specialist Development Delay Academy and pave the way for enhanced language skills.

Autism Courses

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Amazing K – Specialist Academy
for Diverse Developmental Paths and Sensory Integrative Learning

Our Early Childhood Development Academy is a specialised institution dedicated to providing comprehensive pre- and post-diagnostic intervention for children aged 2 to 6 years with autism and diverse developmental paths. We offer a range of effective programmes designed to address various developmental delays and challenges. Our team of educators and therapists are committed to nurturing each child’s individual strengths and guiding them on their unique developmental journey. Whether your child needs assistance with speech and language development, motor skills, social interaction, or cognitive abilities, our academy offers tailored solutions to meet their specific needs. Join us in shaping a brighter future for your child.

Enrolling your child into an Autism specific pre-school or academy will help mitigate the impact of autism on the child’s development.

Learn More About Autism with Our Online Courses

Unlock your child’s potential with Amazing K’s online courses. Our comprehensive curriculum empowers parents of children with autism by providing a deep understanding of the condition, effective management of challenging behaviours, and expert guidance on homeschooling your child. Our courses offer a wealth of knowledge and practical tools that will help you transform your child’s life. Join our community of parents who have already benefited from our courses and find out how Amazing K School can help you today.