Academics and pre-academics at Amazing K

The cognitive development of children in early childhood encompasses the growth and refinement of their thinking, problem-solving abilities, memory, and language skills.


At Amazing K, we focus on fostering pre-academic and academic skills, which include:


  • Early literacy skills, including letter recognition.
  • Developing listening skills and fostering an understanding of rhyming.
  • Building reading skills.
  • Introducing early math skills and promoting number recognition.
  • Engaging in daily activities that involve number recognition, sorting, matching, shapes, and basic concepts of measurement.
  • Exploring science and nature through age-appropriate lessons.
  • Nurturing an understanding of social studies.
  • Encouraging artistic expression through art lessons.
  • Engaging in crafting sessions to enhance creativity and fine motor skills.
  • Exploring music and movement to foster rhythmic abilities.
  • Promoting physical education and active play.
  • Developing writing, cutting, coloring, and drawing skills.
  • Engaging in construction and sequencing activities to enhance logical thinking.


By providing a well-rounded curriculum, we aim to support the holistic development of children during their early childhood years.