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Category: Gross Motor Development


Gross motor development as part of our curriculum

At Amazing K we believe that learning should be an enjoyable experience and that the key to developing gross motor skills is understanding what the body can do. Pretend games like “hopping like Mr Rabbit” or “flying like an airplane” can fire up a child’s imagination.  Activities such as tunnel crawling, hopscotch, swing bat, ball-skills,...


Play skill developmental milestones

Parents don’t really pay attention to playing.  Playing is more often than not seen as just playing when in fact play skills are a vital part of a child’s development.  Many elements of playing form part of the pre-requisite skills needed for formal learning and young children’s play skills are used in assessments to determine...


Gross motor activities

Gross motor activities are an essential part of every child’s life and at Amazing K it forms a very important part of our “every-day” curriculum.  Gross motor skills involve movement/s that uses the large muscles of the body. As a school we use our outside play times and after care times to focus on Gross Motor...