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Amazing K Autism School & Centre for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)

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Amazing K Autism School & Centre for Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA)


Our Curriculum is Communication focused and Autism specific.  It focuses on developing key skills and includes: Speech, Communication, Independence, Physical development, Social development, Emotional development and Cognitive development.

At Amazing K we know that each of our students gets the very best start in life because every aspect of their care and education is tailor made to the individual child.  Continues assessment, evaluations and tests are conducted and recorded to ensure the child gets the best intervention.  The way we assess your child ensures that we are giving them the very best possible opportunity to thrive and progress!


At Amazing k we use a combination of teaching methods.  We employ Educators and Therapists from different backgrounds each appropriate to support the child’s learning needs in each individual Education phase.

Our learners are supported to develop their readiness to learn.  Their age appropriate challenges are addressed, assessed and reported on.

The Amazing K Learning Environment

Amazing K offers a best of both the schooling and behaviour therapy intervention option.  We work on a rolling plan, working on themes appropriate to each Education Phase.  Learning is promoted through small, low child to teacher ratios and well organized classrooms.

All classrooms, the playground and resources are designed specifically to support the full spectrum of the child’s development.  Each educational phase has age appropriate – specific resources to support the different needs within the class.  Everything we do is through personalized learning and it is all aimed at the individual child and their needs.