Pay As You Go Early Autism Intervention For Autistic Children Aged 3 – 6 Years

Amazing K – Specialist Autism Therapy Centre, Early Intervention centre and Full-time Development Academy

Reaching more families with children who have autism has always been a driving force at Amazing K. Our (by appointment only) Pay As You Go Early Autism Intervention services are affordable while still being presented by professionals.

  • By appointment only: SMS or WhatsApp your booking to +27832305880 and one of our specialists will confirm a timeslot via WhatsApp

    • Skills for Daily Living
      R90 for 30 minutes
      Sittings, feeding self, taking instruction, sharing skills, listening skills and general participation
    • Pre-Academic
      R90 for 30 minutes
      School Readiness program includes working on hand skill, grip, penmanship, writing, pre skills, drawing, cutting and colouring skills
    • Behaviour Intervention
      R125 for 40 minutes
      Tantrum and general defiance intervention
    • General Intervention & Skills Development
      R125 for 40 minutes
      Social and emotional skills development, AAC introduction, PECS introduction
    • Parent Support & Information Session
      R250 for 60 minutes
      1:1 open conversation with Autist Specialist. Guiding and helping you understand Autism, answering all your questions and giving home based advice when required
    • Home-based Activity or Curriculum Support & Feedback
      R250 per week – Payable upfront in cash on collection of materials

      Printed weekly age appropriate activity/worksheets + access to weekly training talks. Available only if enrolled into our 1:1 program

NO walk in visitors. Appointment will be granted with COVID 19 health and safety protocols.

Pay As You Go  – Terms and Conditions

1 Definitions

1.1 Parties
“The centre”, “Us” or “We” means Amazing K (Pty) Ltd. “Our” will be interpreted accordingly.

“You” or “Customer” means the person entering into this Agreement, including any person we reasonably believe is acting on that person’s authority, and who may be connected to the Services.

“Your” will be interpreted accordingly.

The student” will be interpreted accordingly.

1.2 Other definitions

“Agreement” means these Terms and Conditions of Service (as amended by Us on occasions and as they apply to the Services You choose), Acceptable Use Policy, the Price List and any supplemental Agreement (including, where applicable, any Service Level Agreement) that We may enter into with You regarding the Services.

“Charges” means the charges for Services payable to Us by You in accordance with the Price List.

“Commencement Date” means the date upon which You are first connected to the Services.

“Content” means information, communications, images and sounds, software or any other material contained on or available through the Services.

“Website” means

“Period” means period in which the child is receiving services from The Centre.

Therapy” means the services enrolled for from The Centre.

Our Obligations

  • We will use all reasonable efforts to accommodate and allocate dates and times requested for therapy and will notify you in advance should a therapy time or date need to change.
  • The centre will provide only the service that is being paid for and no other services will be provided without prior written consent from the parent.
  • We aim to provide high standards of customer service within the hours publishes on the website.
  • We will endeavour to provide the same quality of Service to each customer, without discrimination.
  • The centre will supply all stationary and resources at no additional cost to the customer.
  • The centre will ensure that premises are clean and the Covid-19 Health and Safety protocols are in place at all times.
  • We will ensure that all personal information is kept safe and that learner information is kept confidential at all times.
  • We will keep The Customer and The Students’ records for a period of 6 years from the date of last consultation or as regulated by the POPI Act.

Your Obligations

  • The customer is responsible for payment of The Therapy fees on a cash account basis
  • All fees for therapies need to be paid in cash (no credit available) prior to The Therapy session starting
  • The customer is responsible for punctual arrival at the centre.
  • The customer must ensure that the student attending the Therapy is healthy and Covid Negative.
  • In the event that the customer will not be able to attend a session then The Customer is expected to cancel the session or Service with 24hour notice.
  • You acknowledge that not showing up for a session will mean immediate termination of any and all agreements for future therapy sessions.
  • Pleasure ensure that the centre always has your latest contact details to prevent you from missing any important communication.
  • You acknowledge that you understand that this is service is offered on a pay as you go basis only and that you may cancel at any time.
  • That is remains the responsibility of the customer to book sessions and confirm appointments prior to arrival at the Centre.
  • That you understand that all information regarding The Student will be treated as medically confidential