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Testimonial: Tshamaano Makananise

Testimonial: Tshamaano Makananise

Amazing K – not just a school!
Amazing is what this school is.

My son has developmental problems and delayed in a lot of areas compared to his peers but since coming to the school.

I have seen wonderful and well in fact amazing changes in my son. His speech is developing and he interacts a lot with his fellow classmates. Always bubbly and smiling and singing and I believe that Amazing K is the reason for that.

After a mainstream crèche couldn’t handle him and I had to find a school for him and fast, Amazing K
gladly welcomed my son and began assessment to help him. I am a proud mommy and I don’t
regret letting my son come to the school.

Amazing K is a wonderful school that is helping children like my boy live a happy life in a safe and
wonderful environment. I couldn’t have made a better choice.

Kind regards
Tshamaano Makananise

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