Autism Support Specialists

Our dedicated team of Autism Support Specialists at Amazing K provides invaluable support to our children through in-class and one-on-one interventions, focusing on Behavior Management, Behaviour Coaching, and skills development.


Using a comprehensive approach grounded in behavioral principles, our Autism Support Specialists employ a range of strategies to address challenging behaviors and facilitate positive outcomes for children with autism. Here are some of the key benefits our intervention process offers:

Improved self-regulation

Assisting children in developing effective self-regulation skills, leading to better emotional control and behavioral management.

Bridging developmental gaps

Supporting children in closing developmental gaps by targeting specific areas of growth and providing tailored interventions.

Increased social engagement

Promoting social interaction and engagement with peers, fostering the development of meaningful connections.

Greater independence

Empowering children to gain greater independence in various aspects of their daily lives.

Reduction of problematic behaviors and tantrums

Helping children to understand and manage their behaviors, leading to a decrease in challenging behaviors and tantrums.

Generalisation of skills

Assisting children in applying newly acquired skills across different environments and situations.

Improved conversational skills

Enhancing a child’s ability to initiate and maintain conversations with others.

Understanding non-verbal cues

Supporting children in interpreting and responding to non-verbal cues, improving their social communication.

Relationship building and friendships

Assisting children in forming relationships and developing meaningful friendships with peers.

Promotion of independence

Encouraging the development of independent skills necessary for daily activities and routines.

Enhancement of functional skills

Targeting areas such as hygiene, daily living skills, and general self-care to enable successful engagement in everyday activities.

At Amazing K, our Autism Support Specialists are committed to providing personalized and effective support, empowering children with autism to thrive and reach their full potential.