Occupation-Centered Intervention

Amazing k offers a therapy-based intervention programme.  We believe strongly in the power of purposeful activities to support the development and growth of all our students.  Our therapy-based curriculum is designed to enhance gross motor and fine motor development whilst focusing on meaningful engagement and social communication.


Our team utilised a play-based approach to target gross motor development in the classroom and on the playground.  This involves enhancing larger movements and the student’s co-ordination skills.  Examples would be working on balance, walking, climbing, crawling, jumping etc.


In addition to the gross motor development, our curriculum also emphasises fine motor development.  Which is the coordination and use of small muscles.  These examples would include working on pen skills, grasping, drawing, colouring, cutting, beading, lacing and general manipulation of object.


Our Occupation Centered Intervention Programme helps our learners improve their hand-eye co-ordination, their general dexterity and precision and it enables each of our learners to engage in activities with confidence.