Therapeutic Play Intervention

Therapeutic Play Intervention is a specialised approach Amazing K uses that harnesses the power of play to support our student’s emotional well-being and growth.  It has a wide variety of benefits which include but is not limited to:


  • Improved language and speech development.
  • Encourages social interaction and social communication.
  • Children learn turn-taking, sharing and cooperative play skills through play intervention therapy.
  • Allows children to develop strategies for self-soothing, managing anxiety and coping with big feelings.
  • Huge benefits shown in students’ cognitive development such as problem solving, memory, attention, and executive functioning skills.
  • Develops organisation and logical thinking skills.
  • Improves self confidence and self-esteem in children with development delays.
  • Child becomes more emotionally resilient and confident which leads to better learning.
  • Problem solving skills development.
  • Generalisation of skills means that a child can transfer their acquired skills to home, school and community setting thus promoting independence, functional ability, and overall well-being.