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Nobody can ever prepare themselves for a diagnosis of autism and each parent will need time to cope and get over the initial shock. As a special needs parent I know how painful it is to want your child to get better.  I know that at some stages in my journey I was angry and at other stages I felt like I was in mourning … there have also been times when I revisit feelings that I thought I had long past gotten over.

My advice to you as the parent is to love your child because they are still your child.  They are not a diagnosis!  Look after yourself because you need to be OK before you can help your child face the challenge he/she is going to face moving forward.

Study “autism” in its entirety and get as much information as possible but do not allow it to consume you to break point.  Rest when you need to rest, talk to friends, family or a professional about your feelings, join a support group but learn to relax for the sake of your family.

Autism is not a race – Autism is a journey and if you are exhausted and totally overwhelmed you will not experience the joy off progression and the successes your child is going to achieve in the months to come.