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What is Sensory Integration?

Sensory processing (sometimes called “sensory integration” or SI) is a term that refers to the way the nervous system receives messages from the senses and turns them into appropriate motor and behavioural responses. Sensory processing is needed for everything from biting into a sandwich to reading a book.

The Therapy & Multi Sensory Room is set up at Amazing K for use during the day as well as for use during music therapy. We use the Therapy room for all types of activities which includes:

  • A “sensory corner” – this provides stimulation to the under-responsive child, sensory input for the sensory seeking child, and a safe retreat for the sensory defensive child;
  • Sensory box activities filled with a variety of items is beneficial for children that like fiddly toys. They find these sort of activities calming;
  • Pillows and Bean-bags are very effective ways to give passive proprioceptive input;
  • Jumping to rhythmic music (movement and dance) is also great for proprioceptive input;
  • Climbing and balance activities;
  • Trampoline use in the sensory room is great for vestibular input;
  • We encourage the use of oral-motor products for children that see proprioceptive input through their mouths;
  • Therapy Ball activities for rolling and bouncing;
  • Lights and Bubble Tube time;
  • Deep pressure activities.

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