October 2023

Good morning Ilse, trust you are well? I was very happy with Efe’s report of last term! There is so much improvement and we are very impressed. Even his speech has improved significantly. He can now converse and make long sentences. We look forward to more success this term…

November 2023

I can’t thank you guys enough. The work you do is phenomenal. A year ago, she couldn’t say much, now she counts, says the days of the week, month, colours. She’s grown so much and is more confident in her speech.

November 2023

Hello liewe Ilse. Ons is super dankbaar vir julle en so opgewonde oor die outjie se progress. Ek wil sommer net share… Willes het laasweek begin potty train en is nou sommer 90% gepotty train. Hy gaan sommer al self toilet toe. En ons het ‘n paar nuwe woorde!

November 2023

Thank you for the feedback. I guess it’s also a good time to thank you for the hard work and dedication. We have seen progress and a difference in Daniella since joining the school and we are now in a comfortable position to take the decision for her to continue in the school. Thank you for the good job and professionalism from both you and your staff.

November 2023

Good morning Bailey

Hope you are well this morning. Just informing you that Goa won’t be coming to school today and will see you guys next year. Thank you so much for the amazing work you and your team do. You guys really are the hands and feet of God in our midst. Your love and support to Goa and us as a family means the world! You are truly a treasure to us and we thank God for sending you to hold us by hand in this daunting journey. You truly deserve the best things this world has to offer and our family wishes you and your family a Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year! May God grant you all of your heart’s desires, bless the work of your hands and pour you blessings that you cannot contain. We love you and full of gratitude for the everyday miracles that you do with Goa. Please send my appreciation and gratitude to Goa’s teacher and the rest of your team!

With a grateful heart, Goa’s parents

November 2023

Wow Amazing K no3. That is amazing!! Hope you carry on making success stories and haling many many more children like Kian. We are forever thankful for what you guys have done for hima and wouldn’t be in Gr4 without it!

Can you believe we are in remedial Gr4. It’s like hell on earth most days, but he is working super hard and passed all cycle tests and will be writing exams in June.

Where is that 3 year old I dropped with you years ago?

Hope all is well and the school is going well.

We do miss you all.

Chris & Natasha, October 2023

Dear Principal, Teachers, and Amazing K Team,

I would like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that you have given for my son Logan Rayner.

We as Special needs parents know it is not an easy “job” as a parent /teacher to take care of a special needs child. Amazing K has gone above and beyond what is needed. We freely and truly recommend Amazing K to any special needs parents.

We wish you much more strength and courage to do what you’re destined to do.

Thank you to all at Amazing K for helping our son grow into the person he is becoming. We will forever be grateful for the love,  support and everything you have taught him.

October 2023

… We want to thank the school for the positive impact it had on Ite’s life, when he joined he was non-verbal and today he has grown in terms of his vocabulary, he can even construct a full setence. We are happy with the progress he has made and appreciate all the effort Amazing K has made in improving Ite’s development.

Thanks again,

Regards, Ite’s parents


October 2023

Good morning dear, thank you very much for Kimye’s progress report. I’m very greatful for Kimye’s achievements. I’m super proud of my daughter and thanx to you and your hardworking team.

October 2023

Dear Ilse, I just wanted to express my utter gratitude. I just saw my son’s portfolio of evidence in terms of what he has done. I just wanted to say a heartfelt thank you to you and your staff for all the wonderful support you have given him. I see the growth.

Thank you.

October 2023

Thank you so much Ilse! truly it has been an incredible term, will read the report and give feedback. have a restful holiday and thank you for all your great effort to get the desired results in our son’s developmental we are truly grateful for all the huge milestones Efe has attained! Love you all at Amazing Kids❤

October 2023

Thank you and the team for everything you have done with Nurah’s progress. We are indebted. Have a restful and well deserved break 🤗🤗

Lebo, June 2022

Good afternoon Ilse🌸

Bophelo’s report well received thank you very much…I have to say, it’s only been a term since Bophelo started at the school but my word the improvements are great☺️ one of her biggest challenges is communicating her feelings but lately she actually asks, verbally, for food when we dish up😊 I hear a lot of ‘’Mommy’ lately…daddy still gets called by name😄but it’s all heartwarming…she does Tik Tok videos with her sister…So all thanks to you and the teachers, your phenomenal work doesn’t go unnoticed…🌸

Noelli, June 2022

Hi Dear Ilse,

I hope you are doing well.
I can see the progression with him when we are home

And I wanted to thank you for your hard work as a result of it, Kylian is no more popping on pampers or in his pants but instead he runs to the toilet on his own. I appreciate the good work and dedication you have towards him.

May God bless you all

Rehlebogile, June 2022

Hi Ilse

I just want to commend your school 🏫. This morning Langa was crying to go school, and that says a lot about how the teaches treat her there. She also comes back from school very happy. A big thank you to you and your teachers.

Nombali, June 2022

Good afternoon Ilse🌸

Having gone through Alakhe’s report I am so impressed by the leaps and bounds of growth he’s shown this term. It’s even evident at home…Simple things as random hugs, which were a struggle to receive. We are happy, thank you 🙂

Bonolo, June 2022

Thank you for Ites report card and the exercise books from school. Reading through this I have seen the great progess he has made and all of this is thanks to you and a wonderful team of teachers. A friend of mine has challenges with her daughter and I have referred them to you as they have seen a great improvement in Ite and how confident he has gone up.please continue to do the great job it is really appreciated 🙏

Moreblessing, June 2022

Thank you Ilse, I really appreciate the work you and your team have done with Abiola. It’s made a world of difference to her life 🌸

Tadson, June 2022

Good morning Ilse and the AmazingK staff.

Patricia and I just wanted to express our sincere gratitude to you and your staff for the amazing work that you are doing, and more specifically, for how you have assisted, guided, and nurtured Kyle to grow out of his shell. His expressive language is developing well and we now have this vibrant verbal soul on our hands! Kyle now attempts to engage with us more and requires less prompting to verbalise his feelings and commits to seeing through tasks (those that he likes ☺️). His ability to identify and navigate social cues, which he never finds easy and needs support on, is also progressing admirably. We are even more impressed that his school report resonates with what we see at home. This is very encouraging. Your approach towards him has been remarkably effective and incredibly successful, and for that we are grateful. You are an amazing team and we wish each and every one of you every bit of success as you continue on your life’s journey. God bless you all and have a restful break.