Activity-Based Sensory Integration Therapy

At Amazing, we understand the importance of providing comprehensive and effective interventions to support the development and engagement of all our learners. One such therapy that we offer is Activity-Based Sensory Integration Therapy (ABSI therapy). This therapy is specifically designed to assist children with Sensory Processing difficulties by exposing them to a variety of sensory stimuli in a group setting.

Activity-Based Sensory Integration Therapy offers several benefits for children with Sensory Processing difficulties:

Improved Sensory Processing

Through carefully planned activities, ABSI therapy helps children improve their ability to process and integrate sensory information from their environment. This can lead to better sensory modulation, organization, and discrimination.

Enhanced Motor Skills Development

ABSI therapy incorporates activities that promote the development of motor skills, including both fine and gross motor skills. By engaging in purposeful movements, children can improve their coordination, balance, strength, and overall motor planning abilities.

Increased Social Engagement

Group ABSI therapy provides opportunities for children to interact and engage with their peers in a supportive and structured environment. This fosters social skills development, including turn-taking, sharing, cooperation, and communication.

Functional Independence

By targeting sensory and motor skills, ABSI therapy aims to improve children’s ability to participate in everyday activities independently. This includes self-care tasks, school-related tasks, and recreational activities.

Emotional Regulation

ABSI therapy helps children develop strategies to regulate their emotions effectively. By engaging in sensory-rich activities and learning coping mechanisms, children can better manage their emotional responses and improve self-regulation skills.

Attention and Focus

The sensory-based nature of ABSI therapy stimulates children’s attention and focus. By providing a dynamic and stimulating environment, the therapy helps children improve their ability to attend to tasks, sustain focus, and filter out distractions.

Sensory-Motor Coordination

ABSI therapy promotes the integration of sensory and motor functions. Through purposeful sensory-based activities, children develop better coordination between their sensory systems and motor responses, enhancing their overall sensory-motor skills.

Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Engaging in ABSI therapy allows children to explore and master new skills in a supportive and non-judgmental environment. As they experience success and overcome challenges, their self-confidence and self-esteem naturally improve.

Cognitive Development

The multisensory experiences provided in ABSI therapy can positively impact cognitive development. By stimulating various senses simultaneously, the therapy enhances cognitive processes such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and learning.

At Amazing, our Activity-Based Sensory Integration Therapy aims to empower children with Sensory Processing difficulties to reach their full potential, fostering their overall development and well-being.