Amazing K specialises in Autism

Amazing K Center for Autism in Johannesburg is a specialist school and therapy center. Every member of our team has extensive Autism knowledge and the vast majority have a related qualification. As a team we draw on a significant depth of expertise and experience. Because of the diversity of our team we are able to offer both academic and therapy services.


Because every child is different, our provision is completely flexible. So we are able to cater for the needs of each individual child. We can tailor our intervention strategies to suit the child needs as well as the families financial restraints.


Research has shown that children that receive tailored and high intensity Early Intervention and correct Therapies will achieve the most significant gains over a period of time.

Being a School for Autism Spectrum Disorder in Johannesburg means:
We only employ highly skilled and passionate professionals
Address all aspects of development including but not limited to academics, motor-development, language-development, social/emotional/practical skill development and behavior intervention
How a child’s behavior can be affected by his/her direct (or distant) environment
We provide support, advice, training and development for all school staff and the families of the children at our Autism Early Intervention Center in Johannesburg
Working in partnership with parents, medical professionals and educational psychologists
Assess continuously and producing written reports detailing the child’s development throughout the school year
Understanding that children all learn different we therefor adapt our teaching methods to include the 4 primary types of learning
Autism Therapy Center, Autism Treatment Center, Autism School, Autism Early Intervention Center or Autism Academy?

Amazing K is an Autism School and we are a Autism Therapy Center.  We offer a unique Early Intervention solution so your child can get the best of both worlds.  As a result they can attend a school, be part of a class, participate in group learning and also get one-on-one therapy.

Which therapies are offered at the school?

Amazing K Therapy & Remedial Academy offers a variety of therapies and extra mural activities for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Therapies for Autism

Because Autism affects speech & language in so many different ways we focus our therapies predominantly on this area. For instance some children don’t talk and need help finding their words. In other cases children can sing but can’t talk. Same goes for children that can babble but battle to form words. Echolalia – when a child copies sentences or phrases and use them “parrot” fashion. Scripting – when a child learns scrips from television and uses them instead of functional speech.

Speech, language and social communication is addressed at Amazing K autism school with:
  • Speech Therapy
  • A strong Music program that forms part of the school curriculum
  • Motor planning development that forms part of the school curriculum
When a child remains non-verbal and shows no signs of gaining speech:
  • Communication Therapy or AAC therapy is offered as part of the school or on a out-leaner basis
  • Sign Language and PECS
Autism School/Academy Application Process and Criteria

If you are considering enrolling your child into our Autism Center in Johannesburg the first step would be to phone our Northwold Head-Office on +27832305880 or to email to set up a viewing appointment.

Enrollment process:
  • First we set up a viewing interview with the parent and request that the child attend;
  • Because we need to do a suitability assessment the child will be placed in a classroom for the duration of the viewing meeting/discussion;
  • If the child is not able to join the parent on the initial viewing then a secondary assessment date will be arranged for the child (at no cost to the parent)
  • The viewing interview is a Q & A session and we request that you bring with prior evaluations, assessments and or reports.
  • Because suitability of placement is vital for the growth of your child we will only move onto enrollment if suitability is established.
  • Once everybody is happy and we know the child will benefit from our program we will then move onto paperwork.
Criteria for Admission
  • The child must be between 2 and 6 years of age
  • Admission into the Autism School would depend on availability of space in a suitable classroom
  • Enrollment into the Autism Therapy Center will depend on a suitability assessment and space
  • Participation or admission into our Afternoon Art and Alternative Autism Intervention Program will depend on a suitability assessment and space
  • Each learner must have a primary diagnosis off either:
    • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)
    • Social Communication Disorder
    • Pervasive Development Disorder (PDD or PDD-nos)
    • ADHD/ADD
    • Asperger Syndrome; or
    • Be in the diagnostic process.
  • Learner should not present with behavioral challenges that pose significant safety concerns for the child or other learners
  • Above all the child must benefit from the adapted autism specific curriculum and therapy services offered at the school