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Is autism an illness or disease?

If your child has recently been diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder it does not mean that he/she has an illness or a disease.   It means that your child has been diagnosed with a complex brain disorder that affects his or her ability to communicate, respond to surroundings, or form relationships with others.  Autism is basically a development disorder of the brain.

Having autism is also called being on the autism spectrum or having ASD and it is a complicated condition.  Generally, autism is diagnosed at between ages 2 and 4 years but it can also be diagnosed in adulthood.

The American Psychiatric Association has defined autism as having 3 levels.  These levels focus on the level of impairment and the level of support needed to be successful in day-to-day activities.

Know this: “Autism is highly variable”.  It is a spectrum disorder which means – each person is affected uniquely or differently.  Autism is not an illness, nor is it a disease!

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Ilse Kilian-Ross

Ilse Kilian-Ross is the owner of Amazing K, a registered ECD and Partial Care Facility in Johannesburg. Amazing K is a private adhd school, autism school and therapy centre for children from age 2 - 6 years where learners receive the best of both the schooling and therapy world. The autism school offers Individualized Education Programs, Speech- and Augmentive Alternative Communication (AAC) therapy as well as a full and adapted Academic Curriculum.