Become an Amazing K remedial tutor / early intervention home-school educator or part time behaviour specialist

Join our dynamic team off part/flexi time remedial tutors/early intervention home-school educators.

You will be required to provide remedial instruction, support, therapy and/or early intervention lesson to individuals on a face-to-face (at-home) perspective and/or an online perspective.


Positions available

ABA Therapist
Makaton Sign Language Therapist / Teacher
Art Therapist
Music Therapist
Montessori Pre-school Teacher
Graduate Psychology (Honours)
Remedial Foundation Phase Teacher
LSEN Teacher
Early Childhood Development Practitioner

Who will you be teaching?

You will teach children with learning difficulties, hyperactivity disorder and/or Autism Spectrum Disorder
Young children aged 2 years to Grade 3 (foundation phase)
The students in our program are often children who function at a lower than average academic level, because of a learning difficulty or behavioural problem or disorder
Some students in our program do however function at a normal, age appropriate level, but struggle with elements of the curriculum such as mathematics, reading or language (Grade R, 1, 2 and 3)
Some students that are on the autism spectrum disorder are non-verbal and require visual instruction and tailer made lesson plans

Tutoring guidelines and what you will earn

  • The hourly pay rate is calculated based on the tutor’s experience, location and the subject and level you teach at
  • Ultimately, the more you tutor, and the more experience you get, the more you can change and/or the more you will earn
  • Face-to-face tuition usually also mean a bit more money than online tuition
  • Online tuition works really well if the tutor has another teaching job and needs to supplement their income and/or if they are studying and want to make money whilst studying yourself

What level of study do you need to join the amazing k team?

At Amazing K we only accept applications of people who are busy with their 3rd year of studies and/or who has at least the second year of their degree or who has good experience of working in their chosen field.

Applicants would further more have to comply with the following:
  • Have reliable transport should they want to work in a face-to-face tutoring capacity
  • Have a South African ID document
  • English must be your first language
  • No criminal record and a police clearance certificate would need to be obtained

What types of people are we looking for?

Tutoring is a growing profession but tutoring for the Amazing K Academy is a bit different.


Special Education, Autism Education, Remedial Education has far greater demands and require a skill set different to that many young teachers have.  So we look for tutors from many different backgrounds not just people from a teaching background.


  • The best remedial tutors are those that have incredible passion for a particular subject and the patience to go with it.
  • In our environment people with Art, Music and Dancing backgrounds have great success.
  • Psychology graduates wanting a career working in the ‘learner special education’ teaching or early intervention field.
  • Pre-school teachers or Early Childhood Development Specialist
  • Dedicated, enthusiastic, creative people make the best tutors but when it comes to our environment you will need to learn everything there is to know about Autism Spectrum Disorder and Related Development Delays

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