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Autism Support Specialists


Our Autism Support Specialists work in class and 1:1 (when needed) with our children to provide Behavior Management, Behaviour Coaching, and skills development support.


Our Autism Support specialist team use a variety of behavioural principles and strategies in our group intervention process to help the child overcome some of their challenging behaviours this help the child with:


  1. Improves self-regulation.
  2. Bridges developmental gaps.
  3. Increases social engagement.
  4. Greater independence is obtained for the child.
  5. Reduces problematic behaviours and tantrums.
  6. Helps children apply newly acquired skills in a variety of environments.
  7. Improves the child ability to initiate and maintain conversations.
  8. Increases a child’s understanding of non-verbal cues.
  9. Assists with relationship building and opens the child up to forming friendships.
  10. Promotes independence.
  11. Enhances functional skills that enable children to engage in everyday activities successfully.
  12. Targets hygiene related delays, daily living skills and general self-care skills.