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Why choose Amazing K for autism training?

The course is taught by professionals experienced in the field of autism, so you’ll receive expert knowledge and guidance.

All workshops are hands-on and are held at the Amazing K autism school.

All our courses are easy to follow with loads of practical examples and ample opportunity to discuss everyday problem you are facing at home or in your classroom.

Daily Q & A sessions to discuss practical problems you are experiencing at home or in class.

Selected workshops include practical (in-service) training hours with autistic children.

Selected workshops include shadowing opportunity in a classroom environment.

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10 August Workshop: Autism at Home or in the Classroom

  • Setting up the home-school classroom
  • Setting up the classroom for the autistic learner
  • What recourses will you need to effectively teach your autist child
  • Adjusting your teaching strategy to help the autistic learner
  • Overcoming the language (or lack of spoken) language barrier to learning
  • 30-minute Q & A session

11 August Workshop: Communication, language & speaking – what you can do to help your child communicate

  • When will my autistic child start talking?
  • What can I do to help my child with autism talk?
  • Teaching my non-verbal child with autism
  • Therapies and communication
  • Alternative and augmentative communication and when should I consider implementing AAC into my child’s life
  • 30-minute Q & A session

12 August Workshop: Behaviour in class, behaviour towards work, defiance and tantrums – teaching autistic children

  • My autistic pupil refuses to work in class and they do not want to participate in any activities. How do I help my autistic student overcome their behaviour challenges?
  • My autistic child screams when I ask him to work at home. How do I overcome this?
  • Why does my child constantly stand up and move away?
  • How do I deal with my child constantly blocking their ears? And can my autistic child still learn if they are constantly blocking their ears?
  • 30-minute Q & A session

13 August Workshop: Knowing where the child is developmentally – what to start working on from a curriculum perspective

  • General overview of Early Childhood Development from a Curriculum Planning Perspective (non-medical)
  • Development age (actual age) vs the Academic and Emotional Age of a child
  • Core Development Area overview – Social and Emotional Development
  • Core Development Area overview – Auxiliary Learning Areas
  • Core Development Area overview – Physical Development
  • 30-minute Q & A session

14 August Workshop: Restrictive & repetitive behaviours

  • What is a restrictive or repetitive behaviour (introduction discussion)?
  • What is classified as restrictive or repetitive behaviour from a diagnostic perspective?
  • What is restrictive or repetitive behaviour in the classroom environment and how does it affect my child’s ability to learn (also a chat about “the loop”)
  • Teaching a child with restrictive or repetitive behaviour and what strategies do you need to have in place to help them progress academically, physically and emotionally.
  • 30-minute Q & A session