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  1. Set up your AUTISM home school
  2. All you need to know about autism

All you need to know about autism

In this course you will learn more about autism – from an autism mom who has started an autism school. In this course the autism diagnosis process is discussed from the signs you should look out for to the steps to take to get a diagnosis. I also discuss treatment options, health issues, communication delays and models as well as how you can help your child with their emotions.


  • Recognising autism signs
  • What does having a social communication and interaction play mean?
  • At what age can screening be done for Autism?
  • What steps can I take to get an autism diagnosis?
  • How autism is diagnosed

After an Autism Diagnosis

  • Every child with autism is unique
  • Navigating a new Autism Diagnosis
  • What is the best treatments for my child’s autism?
  • High and Low functioning Autism
  • Is there anaything you can do before starting pharma medication?

Education & Learning Abilities

  • How can I support my autistic child’s development?
  • How will autism affect my child’s ability to learn?
  • Is a mainstream education setting the best fit for my autistic child?
  • I’ve heard of an education model called floortime – what is it?
  • Helping your autistic toddler thrive
  • Teaching numbers in a fun and interactive way


  • Autism and emotions
  • Understanding their emotions
  • Emotional Skills Teaching
  • Managing your autistic child’s emotions
  • Help your child manage their moods
  • Understand why emotional outbursts happen


  • What are the symptoms of a Speech Delay in Early Childhood?
  • Focus on communication from the day you notice a speech delay!
  • When will my non-verbal child speak?
  • What to do if my child is slow to speak?
  • What does AAC mean?
  • When should I introduce “Alternative Communication”?
  • Will the introduction of an AAC device stop my child from verbally speaking?
  • What is the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) and why is it so popular in the autism community?
  • Dyspraxia and Apraxia
  • Eye contact
  • Music & singing

Visual Schedules & Social Stories

  • Steps for implementation of a visual schedule for your autistic child
  • Helping your child cope with change
  • Social stories

Social Skills

  • Teaching social skills to children with autism
  • Social skills development strategies
  • Autistic Meltdown Coming!
  • Dealing with a public meltdown…
  • 5 things you can do during outings


  • What are some autism behaviours?
  • Autism behaviour treatment options
  • Importance of keeping track of behaviours
  • Restricted/repetitive behaviour is one of the hallmark symptoms of autism
  • Autism behaviour treatment options
  • 10 behaviour strategies for children on the autism spectrum
  • Pinching or hitting
  • “W” sitting

Fine Motor Development

  • Fine Motor Development
  • Fine motor activities that can help improve your Autistic child’s hand skills
  • Lego: play is the work of childhood
  • Messy Play

Gross Motor Development – Play & Exercise

  • Play skill developmental milestones
  • The benefits of exercise for kids (with Autism)
  • Why do children with autism love jumping and climbing so much?
  • Weekend activities for your autistic toddler – children 2-3 years


  • Mealtime challenges
  • Feeding or swallowing disorders
  • Causes and diagnosis of feeding or swallowing disorders
  • Are dietary interventions helpful to autistic children
  • What are some common dietary interventions used to treat autism
  • Introducing new food
  • Fussy eating and autism spectrum disorder

Toilet Training & Constipation

  • Poop problems can last forever
  • Toilet Training
  • Constipation & Autism

Teaching Safety

  • Public play spaces
  • Water safety

Keep the kids busy at home

  • No fuss, no cook Paper Mache Paste recipe
  • Homemade play dough recipe
  • Recipe for Puffy Paint
  • Keeping your Autistic child busy in the kitchen

Remember, every child with autism has their own unique needs – and even your home school should reflect this.

Ilse Kilian-Ross went from an autism home school mom to opening an autism school in 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Set up your AUTISM home school

Have you struggled with your child’s education since the pandemic started – or you just don’t live near a school or ECD that caters for children with autism? This course is for you! It will discuss all the things you need to take into account when setting up your home school and why you shouldn’t fall into the “one size fits all” approach when it comes to your child’s education.

Ilse Kilian-Ross went from an autism home school mom to opening an autism school in 2014 in Johannesburg, South Africa. In this course she shares advice on setting up the best home school environment as well as:

  • Assessing your child by a professional or by yourself
  • Physical age of a child vs Academic/Development age of a child
  • Core areas of development which determine your child’s academic/development age
  • Why you should research and read to become an expert on autism
  • Teaching at development age – not physical age
  • Learning stages – mastering new skills – how it works
  • Children with autism learn differently – but you still need to teach them everything
  • Procuring a curriculum for your child based on their individual educational needs
  • Why you should be joining autism support groups
  • Your child’s physical learning environment
  • Setting goals and a learning schedule for your child

Remember, every child with autism has their own unique needs – and even your home school should reflect this.

In this course Ilse will help you set up a space conducive to learning for children with autism based on her experience as founder of an autism school in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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Selected workshops include practical (in-service) training hours with autistic children.

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